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Hiiiiii!!!! A lot of time, ne??
Gomen, but I've been very busy studying for exams *better said, STU-DYING! XD .... OMG, I need some rest*, and I hadn't time enough to fangirl around... Actually, I've been missing all our boys shows... Such a bad fangirl!! >"<

Teja-chan, dear, I saw your message on msn. I miss our chats too! Thanks for your good wishes!! *hugs*

About my trip, no doubt I'll write about it once passed the exams, for those ones who have time enough to read my silly stories... But we'll see later, ne? ^^

Of course, today is an important day! Jun-kun's birthday!! (here in Spain is stil 30th August, so...). Actually, I kinda celebrated it with my family. I made my mum buy little cakes, since I'm such a mess cooking! And I made a "thing" (I don't know how to call it, since is just a picture I made with the PC). Is not a wallie, I don't know how to make them *hides under the bed*, although I would love to have made one to put on my desk background.

Is the first time I make something like this, and I used Paint program, so please, bear with my unskillfulness! ^__^'

Jun's birthday

*Actually, I put it on my desk anyways! I'm proud of it, after all!! ^///^*

Now it's been nearly two years since I first saw you. I didn't knew who you were, neither what you waste your time with, but I fell for you.
No matter how many times I've been told I'm crazy for loving such a guy like you, I'm still here, waiting for the time in which we should met.

Because I know is fate, that you brought to my life nearly all the happiness that is in it...

That's why I wish you to be as happy as I am, above all on your birthday!


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