May 18th, 2009


Uhm... So finally, seeing it's imposible to find a job now in Spain, I've decided to sell some of my goodies TT__TT. It's sad, but I should do what needs to be done, as to go to Japan this summer.

But keep in mind most of my collection is in really good condition (unless otherwise stated), limited and rare, and I paid a big amount of money for them. Thanks! =)

All my items are in mint condition and are Japanese  original versions.
List of items is the following:

Hey! Say! JUMP singles:
           - Ultra Music Power First Press Regular Edition OOP (with obi)  SOLD
- Your Seed Limited Edition OOP (with obi)  SOLD         
           - Dreams Come True Regular Edition (with obi) SOLD
           - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 

NEWS singles:


           - NEWS NIPPON West Version OOP (with obi) 3000YEN ON HOLD  
           - Kibou~Yell~ Limited Edition OOP (with obi) SOLD
           - Akaku Moeru Taiyou Limited Edition OOP (no obi) 2000YEN
           - Cherish Limied Edition OOP (no obi) SOLD
           - TEPPEN Limited Edition OOP (with obi) SOLD
           - Sayaendou Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 3000YEN
           - Hoshi wo Mezashite Regular Edition (with obi) 800YEN
           - Hoshi wo Mezashite Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 3000YEN  
           - Weeeek Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 2000YEN
           - Taiyou no Namida Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 2500YEN
           - SUMMER TIME Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 2500YEN  
           - Happy Birthday Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 2000YEN  
           - Yamashita Tomohisa solo single:
             Daite Señorita Limited Edition OOP (with obi) SOLD
Koi no ABO Limited Edition OOP (with obi, and new sealed)  2000YEN  

Kanjani8 discs:


           - F.T.O Regular Edition (with obi), has a little crack in the back of the case 1500YEN
           - Zukkoke Otokomichi Limited Edition OOP (with obi) comes with a foldable poster 1500YEN
           - It's My Soul Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 1500YEN
           - Wahaha Limited Edition OOP (with obi)   SOLD
           - Kanjani8 Spirits Concert DVD SOLD  

Arashi singles:

           - We Can Make it! Regular Edition (with obi), new sealed   SOLD
           - Aozora Pedaru Regular Edition (with obi) 800YEN
           - Step&Go Regular Edition (with obi)   SOLD
           - Happiness Regular Edition (with obi), new sealed   SOLD
           - Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi Regular Edition (with obi)  SOLD

KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Limited Edition album OOP (with obi)  SOLD

JE related goods:


           - Yamapi Pacific studio photoset (4 pics) SOLD
           - NEWS 08-09 Calendar, comes with a foldable poster 3500YEN
           - NEWS 09-10 Calendar, comes with a foldable poster SOLD   
           - Matsumoto Jun 07-08 countdown uchiwa SOLD
           - NEWS Pacific Tour pamphlet SOLD   
           - NEWS Pacific Tour clearfile SOLD
           - NEWS First Concert in Taipei Group poster:
                (new, in its original plastic folder, no pinholes, no folds) 2500YEN 
           - Matsumoto Jun in Bokuimo movie pamphlet  2000YEN   
           - Aiba Masaki in Green Fingers stageplay pamphlet  SOLD

Johnnys' Jr. MEIKAN volumes (1-8):


           - VOL.1  2000YEN
           - VOL.2  2500YEN
           - VOL.3  2500YEN
           - VOL.4  3000YEN
           - VOL.5  3000YEN
           - VOL.6  4000YEN
           - VOL.7  4000YEN
           - VOL.8  2500YEN

BIG BANG discs:
           - Stand Up! single 1000YEN  SOLD
           - Number 1 first Japan album 1200YEN  SOLD

Koda Kumi Kingdom (CD+DVD) album: 30$/3000YEN

    YesAsia is pricing it at 50$:
    And CD Japan at 41$:

More items coming soon~!!!!

1) I am NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged mail.
2) I accept PAYPAL only (+5.4%), although in some cases I could do with other means. Ask me, if you need it.
3) I will ship internationally from SPAIN  ^_^
4) Prices do not include shipping.
5) Shipping would be by normal or tracked airmail. Ask for an estimated price, since it will change depending on the country you're from.
6) I'll ship out your items within 3-5 days after receiving payment (unless I'm busy, then I'll inform you. Life is not always easy ^^).
7) I MUST receive your payment within one week. (If you won't be able to do it, please tell me when you'll be able to make the payment, as to keep your order on hold for you, otherwise I will put the items up for sale again)
8) ALL PRICES ARE IN USD/YEN (If you want to exchange rate in your currency, tell me.)
9) This sale follows a first-come-first-served basis.
10) You can email me at, or leave your comment with your email address here.
The previous email address is also my PayPal address. I'm a verified PayPal user.

And that's it! If any doubt crosses your mind, tell me. I'll do my best always, so please, bear with me. よろしくおねがいします!^^

And as a feedback, so you could buy without worries, I can only provide my eBay feedback:

I'll be posting the other pics of my goods soon. Also, you can ask me for more pics of the items, if you're really interested. But patience please, because my camera is new, and I'm not very used to it yet ^^


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