July 7th, 2010

>> Insert title here... If I had sth worth reading*

Uhmm... That's mainly what it is... I dunno what to write, but I WANT to write sth on my abandoned slightly forgotten lj...

Should I say sth about what I'm doing now? Uhm. That's a start, after all, ne? ^^" I'm at work now. One of my two jobs, actually. Thanks god, in both jobs I can access lj, twitter and my e-mail trays!

So that's it. I'm working hard 12 hours a day, to save money enough to go back to Japan this year, while twittering like crazy xD

Interesting thing, this twitter. I got to met "personally" so many fangirls from lj whose names I've known for sooooo much time! I like Twitter better than fb. It's easier, and more simple. I like it *cheerful*


Let's see about the Japan matter. I went there last summer, during all August. I went to the Arashi con at Kokuritsu, on august 30th (I still can't believe my luck, even with all that rain >_>). And ever since I set foot back at Spain, I've wanted to go back badly. So much I've missed it... TwT

So since Arashi announced tour, me and my friend Ro thought on going together this November, and try and go to Arashi cons at Sapporo. We'll do our best, of course! ^^

I'm very, veeeery excited about this travel. So much, that I already have setled the luggage list, the must-buy list, and the planning for the two-weeks trip (places to visit, and what to do, etc.).

.... Yep, I know. More than four months are left.... But I'm crazy like that~ =D