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The adventures of a fangirl in her way to Japan~

5 October 1988
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Hi everybody!!

I'm a very happy girl that really loves Japan!! I'm totally in love with it! Since I was little I liked manga and anime, and relatively little time ago I discovered doramas and japanese music, and... I really like it!! [Above all JE ^3^]

I like watching doramas and films at my PC, although lately I haven't been able cause of a serious lack of time due to my studies... T.T But I'll do my best with the livejournal.

I really enjoy reading (I'm a Harry Potter fan), and writting and drawing when I feel like it... I should say I can be pretty lazy sometimes v,v.

Right now I'm trying to learn japanese by myself, and since summer I've been thinking about learning greek. My best friend says I tend to be interested in languages with not latin alphabet!! lol

So, if you came to be interested in some of this crazy's stuff, just drop by here and feel free to comment and talk about what you want!!

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